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Chairman Message

We are governed by the three basic principles which constitute the core of Kalinga RK; to provide value and services to our customers by offering quality merchandise, corporate dedication to the partnerships we have build over the last 36 years and commitment to business ethics and catering to the demands and needs of all stakeholders.

We have lead and will continue to lead with this vision which dynamically matches with these three basic principles.

To serve the growing demands of the nation, we started Kalinga RK with one factory in 1973 in Delhi. Today we march ahead as a market leader with confidence and support of all our stakeholders. With the goodwill of our clients and the motivation of our employees we have been inspired to new heights of growth and prosperity. We (me along with my daughters Anshoo Kohli and Paridhi Sekhri) are ushering the company to new levels of excellence and we visualize a better world for everyone. Kalinga RK is committed to contribute to the development of the nation by generating more and more revenues for our great country.