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Our Presence

Founded four decades ago to manufacture "KALINGA" brand cables R.K. Electrical Industries (India) Pvt. Ltd. now figure among the market leaders in the field, a position achieved through dedication, hard work and spirit of enterprises .

There is consistent effort to maintain the quality of products at R.K. Electrical Industries(India) Pvt. Ltd., in order to be sure R.K. Electrical industries Pvt.(India) Ltd., has setup its own fully equipped in house Test Laboratory manned by a team of qualified personnel, it keeps regular checks at various pre and post production stages, as a result R.K. Electrical Industries (India) Pvt. Ltd. products enjoy a distinct edge over others.

The company is fully geared to maintain its present position by updating the technology constantly and keeping abreast of the developments-worldwide, adding new products to its line.

Although success has come to R.K. Electrical Industries (India) Pvt. Ltd., the hard way but surely it has come to stay.